Greenwich Peninsula driving range

The Greenwich peninsula driving range offers the London golfer a unique practice experience. 

When I inevitably win the Euro millions quadruple roll over jackpot, I will, as most new multi-millionaire high handicap golfers do, build my own practice area and driving range on my estate. I will wake up in the morning, do some warm up stretches, head to my range and a couple of hours on my luxury short game area before my luxury jet whisks me off to Pebble Beech for a quick round.

Until that day comes (I know it’s only a matter of time) I will have to bump along like the rest of us mortal salary men and use the driving range.

When it comes to driving ranges we are spoiled for choice  South East London and we now have a new addition to our rich portfolio of ball crunching facilities; the Greenwich Peninsular driving range is open for business.

From where I live I have three or four ranges within a 15 minute drive including the excellent World of Golf range at Sidcup and the more basic version at Elmers End. Add to these the fact that almost all courses include at least a small range, the opportunities to work on your game are rich and numerous.

As a golfer in South East London, a new driving range is always a welcome addition and a driving range built practically on my way home from work is even better. When the Greenwich Peninsula driving range was opened it was a rather low key affair indeed, many golfers I know had no idea that it had even been constructed. The range itself is a temporary feature forms part of a huge redevelopment scheme , in about 10 years time it will make way for some more luxury apartments, until that day comes it’s operated by the N1 Golf  corporation.

I was incredibly excited about the opening of the new range but this excitement was mildly tempered by the news that a bucket of 120  balls would cost £12!  Essentially a driving range is just a big field where you can hit some balls as far as you can so it would take something special to make me want to spend £12, particularly as I have already stated, there are so many other options already available in South East London.

It would be fair to say that the driving range experience at Greenwich Peninsula offers something considerably different from the moment you arrive. A large sweeping reception area with a desk more at home in a Canary Warf Office than a south East London Driving range. To the left is a superbly stocked golf shop, to the right a wine bar and grill with an outside patio area where you can enjoy a drink and a bite to eat while you watch golfers launch their balls off their tees.

And the difference20150718_094706000_iOS doesn’t end there. The driving bays are fitted with carpet and furnished with sofa’s and coffee tables, Food orders taken at the bar can be brought out to you as you play. And the bar prices are quite reasonable making the driving range experience on the peninsular a different experience from anywhere else locally.

But perhaps the greatest selling point of this driving range is the view. It’s incredible. The 60 bays all face out toward the River Thames, the skyscrapers surrounding Canary Warf and the Millennium Dome form the 21st century backdrop as airliners descend into London City Airport; this is about as urban as urban golf can get!

Literally walking distance from North Greenwich Underground station, a lob shot away from the Blackwall tunnel North Bound approach, this is a driving range clearly targeted at the commuter.

So is it worth it? The short answer is Yes. The longer answer is, well, if you don’t mind paying a few extra pounds for a bucket of balls and hitting a few in quite spectacular surroundings which are excellently serviced then make the trip. there are deals available, if you arrive before 5pm 120 balls costs £10. While that may still seem expensive 110 balls at World of golf costs £7.50, so realistically you are paying about £2 more at the peninsula.

Personally I will still be using the driving range at Barnehurst or Sidcup but I will be making Greenwich peninsula driving range a regular  part of my practice routine this winter; I cant wait to see what it’s like to hit a few flood lit balls against the backdrop of the 21st century East End skyline, it’s worth a tenner just to do that.

Opening Times:
Monday 8am to 11pm
Tuesday 8am to 11pm
Wednesday 8am to 11pm
Thursday 8am to 11pm
Friday 8am to 11pm
Saturday 8am to 11pm
Sundays 8am to 9pm

LARGE BASKET = 120 BALLS = 12.00


300 = GOLF = 20% DISCOUNT

N1 Golf London
Tunnel Avenue
Greenwich Peninsula
SE10 0QE

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