Kent and Surrey golf club

Located near the village of Edenbridge, Kent and Surrey golf club is a par 71 traditional country park course which gives the visitor the added bonus of playing in two British counties in one go.

The Kent and Surrey Golf Club, Crouch House Rd, Edenbridge, Kent TN8 5LQ


I have made a couple of visits to this golf course and on both occasions found that there is much to enjoy over the 6342 yards of Kent and Surrey. I booked my round as part of one of the deals that can be occasionally found on Amazon or Groupon, this deals are incredibly good value and often include range balls.

Upon arrival I was warmly welcomed by the staff in the clubhouse, a modest building, basically a small but well stocked bar and restaurant area that opens out onto a small patio overlooking the course.

Before teeing off you could head to the driving range for a warm up although don’t expect anything too sophisticated, basic teeing mats face out to an unusually small range, try to hit anything over 200 yards and your ball will land unceremoniously in a grass embankment so go easy with your driver.

One of the visually striking aspects of this course is the way it incorporates the natural surroundings neighboring the fairways. Woodland ponds and lakes are incorporated into the landscaping and while many of these features aren’t always brought into play. There is feeling that the Kent and Surrey is part of the environment rather than having been imposed upon it. There are areas around the course that have been left to wildflower and some of the ponds have a terrifically wild look about them.

Overall Kent and Surrey is a mature and uniquely sensitively managed course but unfortunately the course have constructed a particularly hideous bright red and blue bridge across the small stream on the 5th fairway, an unnecessary feature that visually ruins what is otherwise a beautiful hole.

Regarding play, the first four holes are pretty standard affairs; straightforward driving and iron holes and it’s not until the 5th that the real character of the course starts to shine through. A mix of bunker and water hazards break up a really quite beautiful fairway heading towards an elevated green. Its just a shame about the hideous footbridge.

It has bee my bad luck that the two occasions I’ve played  Kent and Surrey have coincided with some particularly heavy rainstorms and so the course conditions have been less than perfect. Its a course that doesn’t seem to drain particularly well and standing water on the fairways with very soft ground underfoot interfered with the play somewhat. There were many water logged areas all around the course so drainage is a particular problem.

The sixth is an unusual double tee from which it’s possible to take in the spectacular aspect, a stunning scene worthy of any golf course in Britain. There are a few tees which demand a strategic shot, bunkers and water providing a perennial problem on many of the fairways but overall the Kent and Surrey isn’t a particularly difficult course. There is a danger in over thinking; the simple more straightforward shots often yielded more successful results.

Kent and Surrey is a pleasant course with a natural feel, a great environment to play golf in. I loved the wild, natural feel of the course and surrounding environment. A good mix of long and short holes and some very well placed hazards make for an engaging and challenging days golf that represents unbeatable value for money.


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