Weald of Kent Golf Club

Weald of Kent Golf Club is a superbly maintained 18 hole course located close to the Kent towns of Maidstone and Ashford near the village of Headcorn. A relatively new golf course constructed in 1991, it’s set in some of the most beautiful countryside in Britain. Driving to the course from the nearby M20 takes the visitor through some wonderful villages and countryside to this impressively designed golf course.


Weald of Kent Golf Course, Maidstone Road, Headcorn, Kent, TN27 9PT

01622 891671

Upon arrival  at the Weald of Kent golf club, the visitor is treated to a vista of lakes and greens surrounding the strikingly modern yet sensitively designed club house. The quality of the service in the club shop and bar restaurant area are second to none; the pro shop staff in particular offered some expert advice when I ask for advice as a newcomer to the course. There’s nothing better that turning up at a public golf course and seeing a course marshal making sure the patrons are heading out on time, another example of just how well run this course is.


Constructed on former farmland over the Kentish Weald, this is a course with a rich variety of holes, in terms of appearance some fairways have a heathland feel while others resemble a more traditional parkland course. The more elevated tees and fairways are exposed to some mean winds which can add another level of complexity to your shot selection. Clearly a lot of pride is taken in the quality of the greens which, although a bit slow for my personal preference, are excellent.

The first tee really sets the tone for the rest of the course, up hill and over a lake which  is so close to the tee ground that its shouldn’t really be considered ‘in play’, but its there; coupled with a ditch half way up the fairway at about 180 yards it not all about smashing it off the tee. Weald of Kent is a wonderfully challenging course, it probably does favors the big hitter but being able to shape the shot, deciding where or whether to lay up made reading the course make it one of the most engaging courses I’ve played. There are a selection of water hazards in play across the 18 holes and these combined with deep rough, well placed bunkers and mature trees make for an interesting round.

The 9th really is the signature hole on this course. A huge par 5, dogleg left with an approach that takes you over water onto a green overlooked by the clubhouse restaurant making for a nerve-racking roller coaster of a hole that I was actually pleased to double bogey on the first attempt.  The 13th, an innocuous 148 yards on the score card, presents the visitor with a green protected by a pond hugging the front edge of the green; any misjudgment will send your ball to the murky depths.  Of course the sensible option might be to lay it up short but who really wants to do that?

I had a lot of fun playing Weald of Kent which is by any measure a terrific course and facility. The course itself is of championship quality, with some terrific holes that are unforgettable for all the right reasons. Although Weald of Kent is technically challenging I would say this is a course that suits all abilities due to the wide fairways and large greens. This is a course which is exemplary in terms of its dedication to the quality of the play and customer service, I would be amazed if someone didn’t have anything other than a brilliant days golf here.


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