Golf Club Ca Amata

 Golf club ca Amata is a course of tremendous character and class with some memorable holes, beautiful architecture and wonderful views of the countryside surrounding the course. I played this course as part of a golf trip organised by Golf around Italy .

The entrance to Golf Club Ca Amata has a rather low key and unassuming look, an attractive old farm house styled villa makes up the club house, the pro shop tucked away in a small vine covered building, the small putting green and warm up area are deceptive, the course is in fact a modern and challenging course full of difficulty.

On the day of play a regional amateur women’s golf qualification was taking place, a day before the European Woman’s Golf Association (EWGA) tournament, and as a consequence the greens and fairways were in absolutely superb condition.

 We teed off on the 10th, a long introduction to the course bordered by out of bounds to the left and a lake running half the length of the fairway to the right. There is a lot of water on Golf Club Ca Amata, there’s the constant danger of plunging your ball beneath the surface of the many ponds, lakes and streams. The water features and bridges provide interesting architectural reference points but the Villa Ca’ Amata itself is a spectacular backdrop to the golf day experience.

It’s difficult to pick out a single hole on this course as a favorite; there are many beautiful fairways and wonderful greens on this course but the 4th really is a signature hole, one of the toughest doglegs I’ve ever played.  Only the brave and incredibly skillful would attempt to cross the water, if you have a perfect draw shot off the tee you might be OK but f

or us mortals the sensible option is to lay up and knock it across the water towards the middle of the fairway and hope to avoid the water both left and right.

There are other holes where water significantly comes into play, you really need to be on top of your game and have complete confidence in your shot. The 13th is a good example of this, a short 139 metres that is almost completely over water.

Golf Club Ca’ Amata is a terrific mix of tight fairways and superb bunkers. I really liked the bunkers on this course, they really were designed to intimidate with some large and deep sand traps defending the superb greens. An overnight rainstorm and high humidity on the day slowed the greens down a little bit but they were still incredibly quick with lots of movement in them, they are great fun to play.

Of the three courses I played in Italy that week Golf Club Ca Amata was my favorite. There was just a lovely atmosphere around the course and in the clubhouse. There are resort villas being built beside the course and I could think of nothing better than playing this course day in and day out, I don’t think I would ever get bored of playing it. A stunning, faultless course that is superbly maintained, an absolute pleasure and privilege to play.

Via Loreggia di Salvarosa,

44 Castelfranco

Veneto Treviso



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