Langley Park Golf Club

Langley Park Golf Club is home to a beautiful 6500 yard course that’s rich in challenge, a genuine test of all golfing ability and a wonderfully welcoming environment.

Barnfield Wood Road, Beckenham BR3 6SZ

020 8658 6849

There are many descriptive phrases I come across as I play my way around the courses of the London area. Courses are often described as ‘hidden gems’ or ‘firm but fair’. It’s easy to fall into these generalised descriptions without really taking into account the individuality these courses have to offer.

Langley Park Golf Course is one course that cannot be easily described with those general terms.

There’s a wonderful blend of modernity and tradition at Langley Park. Modernity in the sensitively designed clubhouse facilities. Tradition in the tight and demanding golf course that is a perfect example of an English parkland course.

The course winds it way though picturesque mature woodland that has been extended and developed over the years yet still retains many of the original features typical of a J H Taylor course design. Small heath land elements are dotted in and along fairways lined with an abundant mix of native flora.

Langley Park Golf Club have recently installed a state of the art simulator in their excellent pro shop. Time on the simulator can be booked in advance of your visit. With the absence of a driving range at the course, playing a few holes on Pebble Beach or Augusta is an enormously fun way to warm up.

The majority of the holes at Langley Park Golf Club present the regular golfer with a high level of  demand. While the course currently lacks a ‘monster hole’, Langley is home to a string of challenging par fours.

There are seven par four holes over four hundred yards in length, with others hovering around that distance. The ability to hit your shot precisely off the tee and manage your game from the fairways will keep your score low. You need to be on top of your game with your long clubs at Langley Park.

It’s tempting to think that Langley Park Golf Club suits the big hitter. To a certain extent this is true, being able to hit your spot off the tee with your driver will definitely hold you in good stead. Until you have to land your ball on the green of course.

I love a good fast green and the greens at Langley Park does not disappoint. Even at this early stage in the season (Early May) the greens were approaching tour standard in terms of pace.

While the speed of the greens made judging the pace and lag tricky, there are also many breaks and turns to add further excitement to your short game. I couldn’t help thinking that a decent spell of warm weather will see these greens playing incredibly well indeed.

With so many par fours you might think the par threes would provide some relief from the high level of challenge. Far from it, the greens are heavily defended with some superb bunkers that really are occasionally quite vicious.

Langley Park Golf club is a narrow course in places but is actually more forgiving that I had been led to believe. While I was expecting to be playing out from the trees, this seemed to happen less often than I anticipated.

It’s impossible to select one hole that you could call a signature hole. Rather, Langley Park Golf Club has hidden pockets of difficulty which can be taken on or avoided all over the 18 holes. There are great moments of risk and reward which make Langley Park such good fun to play.

Many of the holes have a relatively low stroke index so despite the relative difficulty of the course, it is still possible for a higher handicapped player to score well thus making this a course suitable for all abilities. Either way scoring a par at Langley Park feels like a hell of an achievement.


The final hole is a nerve jangling grandstand par three over water to land your ball on the green in front of the clubhouse terrace. It’s a great way to finish what is a truly wonderful round of golf.

Langley Park Golf Club is a friendly and welcoming environment home to an exquisitely challenging course bristling opportunities to test your game. That said there felt like there was a bit of flexibility, if you wanted to you could quite happily hit the occasional bogey or double bogey and still feel like you’ve had a good round.

Langley Park Golf Club has in the past been used as a regional British Open Qualification course and is likely to be used as such again. I would love to see how some of the country’s top amateurs manage their game around this wonderful golf course. In the mean time Langley Park Golf course is there waiting to be enjoyed. Do make an effort to play this course.


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